Darktable nun in Version 2.4.0 erhältlich

Darktable nun in Version 2.4.0 erhältlich

Darktable mit Update

Eine neue Major Release Version der Photographie Software darktable sollte im Laufe des Tages erhältlich sein. In der neuen darktable Version wurden hunderte Bugs und Probleme behoben. Desweiteren gibt es neue Features. Am meisten sticht hier wohl der nun erhältliche Support für Microsoft Windows heraus.

Die großen Änderungen in Darktable 2.4.0
  • A new module for haze removal
  • The local contrast module can now be pushed much further, it also got a new local laplacian mode
  • Add undo support for masks and more intelligent grouping of undo steps
  • Blending now allows to display individual channels using false colors
  • darktable now supports loading Fujifilm compressed RAFs
  • darktable now supports loading floating point HDR DNGs as written by HDRMERGE
  • We also added channel specific blend modes for Lab and RGB color spaces
  • The base curve module allows for more control of the exposure fusion feature using the newly added bias slider
  • The tonecurve module now supports auto colour adjustment in RGB
  • Add absolute color input as an option to the color look up table module
  • A new X-Trans demosaicing algorithm, Frequency Domain Chroma, was implemented.
  • You can now choose from pre-defined scheduling profiles for OpenCL
  • Speaking of OpenCL, darktable now allows to force-use OpenCL for a specific pixelpipe
  • XMP sidecar files are no longer written to disk when the content didn’t actually change.
Weitere Änderungen in 2.4.0
  • Show a dialog window that tells when locking the database/library failed
  • Don’t shade the whole region on the map when searching for a location. Instead just draw a border around it.
  • Also in map mode: Clear the search list and map indicators when resetting the search module.
  • With OsmGPSMap newer than version 1.1.0 (i.e., anything released after that OsmGPSMap version) the map will show copyright info.
  • Running jobs with a progressbar (mostly import and export) will show that progress bar ontop the window entry in your task bar – if the system supports it. It should work on GNOME, KDE and Windows at least.
  • Add bash like string replacement for variables (export, watermark, session settings)
  • Add a preferences option to ask before removing empty dirs
  • The “colorbalance” module got a lot faster, thanks to SSE optimized code
  • Make gradient sliders a little more colorful
  • Make PNG compression level used for exporting configurable
  • On OSX, load single images from command line or via drag&drop in darkroom mode
  • Add an option to omit the intermediate tag hierarchy in exported files and only add the last level
  • In the watermark module, sort the list of SVG files and omit the file extension
  • Support XYZ as a proofing profile
  • Local contrast now got a new slider to set the midtone range
  • darktable got two new helper scripts (those are not installed by default, grab them from the sources)
    • One to purge thumbnails that no longer have an associated image in the database,
    • and a second script that uses inotify to watch a folder for new files to open them in a running darktable instance.
  • In the curve editors of base curve and tone curve you can now delete nodes with a right click and see coordinates of nodes while editing. Note that you can use keyboard modifiers ctrl and shift to change the precision of your changes
  • Creating a new instance of a module can now be done with a quick click of the middle mouse button on the multi-instance icon
  • New darktable installations on computers with more than 8 Gb of memory will now by default use half of that per module
  • Several background colors and the brush color are now configurable in the CSS
  • Some new cameras can bump the ISO level to insane highs. We try to follow as good as we can by no longer limiting it to 51200 in the GUI
  • Base curve and the highlights module now support multiple instances and use blending and masks
  • Having the 1 key toggle between 1 and 0 stars wasn’t very popular with many people. You can disable that extra feature and have it behave like the other rating shortcuts now
  • You can decide if you want to be asked before resetting the history stacks of images from the lighttable
  • The grain module was slightly changed to have a more pleasing, photographic-paper like appearance
  • Using the color look up table module you can now convert your images to monochrome, honoring the Helmholtz-Kohlrausch effect
  • Support basic import of Lightroom 7 settings
  • Change the styling of insensitive bauhaus widgets
  • Don’t hide the mode combobox in the exposure module, just disable it
  • Read primaries and whitepoint from .hdr files and default to those as the input color profile
  • Some more small improvements were made

Mehr zu den Änderungen und Bugfixes könnt ihr im offiziellen Blog zu darktable finden.

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